Perfection is the Enemy of Success

I'm currently reading (listening to) Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.  Stacey Brown Randall recommended it.  (That's Stacey with an "e".)  It is such a great book.

So often, our Perfectionism is the enemy to our achieving our goals.  For example, I have been trying to blog for a while now.  Everything has gotten in the way.  So often, if I can't get it perfect, I don't even take a step toward getting it done.

How often does that happen to you?  How many more goals could you finish if you just started?  How successful would you be if you just took a step?

I remember the day when someone in my family said "You see, we are Perfectionists."  It was explained to me like it was a good thing.  Now I know it's simply the enemy to progress.  In that same period in my life, I can remember trying to play baseball.  I remember standing over home plate and trying to make the perfect swing at the perfect pitch.  What happened?  The perfect pitch never came.  The perfect swing never occurred and I struck out.  Striking out was not the goal.  Getting on base was the goal.  I never swung.  I never took a step toward that base because I never swung.

What do you need to swing at today?  What do you need to pursue with joy and vigor?  What do you simply need to try?

Take the swing and ignore the taunting of Perfectionism. 


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