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I am both a licensed and insured Tennessee Attorney (#026816) and a licensed and insured Tennessee Life and Health Producer (#2486228).


I am passionate about helping people be remembered as the hero they already are.  Both licenses help me to make that possible.

For Family Law, many of my clients are dads who want to care for their children.  This means not only a parenting plan that allows them to be a dad, but also life insurance.  Structured correctly, their life insurance can serve two (2) purposes.  

First, it provides the obvious, should something happen to them. 
Second, it can provide for other needs, such as college funding, vehicle funding, and even litigation funding.

If my clients need these products, why not get them with me, with a full disclosure that I'm acting as a Financial Professional and not as an Attorney?

On the topic of family law, do you want to see a neet and affordable product that is Just for Kids?  Click here for more details.

For Estate Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorney (POA), Trusts, and the like, I notice that many of these clients not only needed to discuss Life Insurance, but also Medicare Supplements (Medigap),  Long Term Care, and Annuities.  If these clients already trust me to guide them correctly in their Estate Planning, why not in their selection of these products as well?

I only work with highly rated companies.  Each one of these companies is simply fantastic and gives me a different tool to help meet my clients' needs.

So, if you would like for me to help you in any of these areas, just let me know.  In the meantime, feel free to check out my insurance website


The postings on this site are my own opinions and thoughts.  They do not necessarily represent the position of any company or other individual. 


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