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Super Nerdy Long Term Care Coverage Thoughts

I know I'm a bit of an insurance nerd, but Long Term Care (LTC) insurance coverage simply fascinates me.  For many people, it's the bridge, in their final years, between health insurance (often Medicare) and life insurance. There are many fascinating variations of LTC, but the ones that interests me the most are those that are participating in the LTC Partnership program (Qualified State Long Term Care Partnership Program). What's that mean?  That means that the policy has met certain criteria, so that when the policyholder passes away AND Medicaid (in my case, Tenncare) has a recovery interest in their estate, then the estate gets credit, due to the LTC policy, to offset any recovery efforts by Medicaid. (This means there's a better chance of the kids getting granny's old house.) What does this benefit the policyholder? They have more control over where they spend their final years, as opposed to having Medicaid dictate where they reside. And, their estate gets a


    The first chapter of the New Testament book of John is interesting .   The chapter starts out with John describing who Jesus is . John tells us the true identity of Jesus.   The chapter then transitions and ends with Jesus telling us who his earliest followers were.  Specifically, He even changing the name of one of his followers from Simon to Peter, which meant "Rock", so that Peter's earthly name better suited his Heavenly identity. Jesus is still doing this today.   He continues to proclaim our identity over us .  I believe this identity is tied to our natural gifts.  Those are the things that we are naturally gifted to do and enjoy. All too often the World around us is the one trying to tell us who we are or who we ought to be.    It is constantly urging us to be someone we are not. Jesus rejoices in who we actually are. I encourage you today to embrace your God-given Identity and natural talents.  If you don't know what your identity is, go on a journey