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Retirement Income Thoughts

  As an Estate Planner and licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent , the topic of retirement income often comes up.  The idea of having a single dollar amount retirement "nest egg" started bothering me.  I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized, looking at retirement funding in a single dollar amount is a bit backward. We spend most of our working lives looking at our month to month and year to year streams of income.  Why do we view retirement any different?  Why do we think we need some massive amount of money out there to feel "secure" when we simply don't.  What we need are "streams of income".   Just like in our working lives, we need streams of income in our retirement years. So, stop stressing out about the overall value of your retirement account.   Figure out what streams of income suit you best.  So, here are some ideas: Rental Property - I'm a huge fan of rental property.  If you are in an area that is not dying, this will alwa