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5 Mistakes to Avoid in your Estate and Financial Planning

As an attorney who assists clients with Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Powers of Attorney, I see both good ideas and bad ones.  Here are a few of the really bad ones: Misspelling Names - whether it's your Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Beneficiary, or Payable on Death forms, get the names correct.  Those coming behind you and wrapping up your affairs do not need to be explaining why you called "William" "Bobo".  Whether it's a financial group or a Trustee, matching a name on a document to a person should not be a challenge.  The solution, take a few extra minutes to confirm the names you are listing are the actual legal names of the people you wish to bless. Donating To The Government- You have a poor relative who is receiving Medicaid Long Term Care Services (they are in a state nursing home).  You would like to bless this relative upon your passing, so you list them in your Will, Beneficiary form, etc.  When you pass they now move from being poor, to a hig