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Double Asset Protection

  Let that title sink in a moment.   " Double Asset Protection" What I don't understand is why every Fraternal Insurance Company is not screaming this from all their advertising outlets. Your thinking: "The Insurance Nerd has really lost his mind this time." Well, maybe, but not on this point. Tennessee Code Annotated 56-7-203 states: The net amount payable under any policy of life insurance or under any annuity contract upon the life of any person made for the benefit of, or assigned to, the spouse and/or children, or dependent relatives of the persons, shall be exempt from all claim s of the creditors of the person arising out of or based upon any obligation created after January 1, 1932, whether or not the right to change the named beneficiary is reserved by or permitted to that person.  Emphasis Added That's the first layer.   So, any money in any permanent life insurance or annuity contract "upon the  life of any person made for the benefit of

My next clinic is July 10th, 2021

FREE Call-in Clinic  “Aging Well with Law & Insurance” When:    Saturday, July 10th from 10:00 am to noon Central. Where: (615) 497-0763 Who:    Tennessee residents only What: Free, one-on-one consult over the phone.   Speak with a licensed Tennessee attorney and insurance professional on: Annuities Asset Protection Charitable Giving Medicare Supplements Powers of Attorney Probate Life Insurance Trusts Long Term Care Wills Other?