When a client passes away.

When a client passes.

As an Estate Planner, you plan for a client to pass away.  You do your best to help them “leave a legacy of peace and not a legacy of chaos”.  You help them create “The Plan”.

Even though the topic of death is discussed every day in my office, it still has an impact on me when I get the call or email that:

“Mr. Jones died Friday.  I just wanted you to know.”

Their passage leaves a mark. 

As an attorney, hopefully, I spent enough time with the client to make sure their wishes were accurately reflected.

As a person, I may remember a laugh that we shared as we discussed their wishes.  I may remember what a delight (or tyrant) they were in our discussions.

As a person of faith, was their salvation secure? 

While the business of Estate Planning anticipates the passage of a client, I don’t know that as a person, you are ever fully prepared. 


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